Independence: expensive equipment or human assistance?

I have always preferred technology over assistance. If there is a way to carry out a task independently, I would choose to do so rather than requiring the assistance of another person. I think that's quite a universal preference. It's usually a more complicated and costly route and so not always the one supported or [...]


… designed so that everyone can play

Watching E3 for the first time is quite the experience. The enthusiasm surrounding it has reminded me what enticed me into gaming despite the many hurdles it presents and I'm rather more enthusiastic about it than I was forty eight hours ago despite being reticent about the contents of the press conferences so far. I [...]

Perfection in a Box: The Belkin Nostromo n52te

* Image from, ©2000-2008 Belkin International, Inc. If I could only have one piece of gaming kit, the Belkin Nostromo n52te would be it. It's not gimp gear and proves the point nicely that ergonomic design is for everybody. My husband loves his N52te as much as I love mine. It's one of those [...]