Flatland, lineland, spaceland, pointland and GearScore

I live in my own little universe or maybe it's more a rural cottage in the middle of nowhere. Although I try to look out the window occasionally, that doesn't really give me much of a view of the big wide world beyond. It's not that I'm completely oblivious to the world out there, I'm [...]


[Out of breath] I’m fine. I just need to die for a minute

It's been a difficult week. I used to think that there was a limit on how much pain one can tolerate, but there isn't. You can tolerate as much pain as your body can create; there isn't a tipping over point. Pain is not unbearable, it's only that bad if you make it so. Don't [...]

I don’t mind the Gnomes, but I’m always worried about tripping over one

It's been a year since I joined my first guild and started raiding. It morphed from a terrifying experience to an exhilarating adventure which plateaued out into a comforting hobby that then went a little stale. I grew both bored and frustrated. I loved Naxxramas and even signed up for alt raids with my main [...]