Five tips for dealing with the winter blues

It is cold, wet and dark. Every year I struggle to get through January and February. I hate the deep winter months almost as much as I do sunnyAugust. I hurt more, I am tired, I am usually overweight from having had to increase my asthma medication that just piles on the pounds once the [...]


Life in a glass box

I am acutely aware of the global impact being sick and having a disability has. I live my life in this tiny little glass box, able to see out, but unable to leave. If I try, I get worse. Everything gets harder and then, within days to weeks (if only it was months to years, [...]

Flash: Cream and 37 sugars. Really.

Some days are better, some not. I'm asked frequently if I'm depressed and my answer is always no, but frustrated, overwhelmed and angry some times. My ability to deal with bad things have improved with time; I have lower expectations, appreciate the small things more and happier to compromise. I'll take what I can get [...]

What would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis?

Yup, screwed it is. I'm 36 weeks pregnant, my hips decided to stop staying in place on a near permanent basis and I have a very bad cold/chest infection. Nothing is ever simple when you pile one thing on top of another. EDS has its gamut of issues, add to it being very pregnant and [...]

Well what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today! [Phone disconnects] Phil: Hello? HELLO?!

A little over eight months pregnant and I'm off to the bathroom every five minutes. The wet room in the new house is not very accessible with standard doors through which a standard wheelchair barely fits and a large storage heater obstructing access. It doesn't matter at the moment. My personal assistant/carer is on holiday [...]

Disability Living Allowance – Ten Things I spend it on

DLA is a non-means tested benefit that can be claimed by any disabled person under 65 (over 65 it is replaced by attendance allowance) that require assistance with care and/or mobility needs. There has been quite a flurry surrounding this particular benefit with new changes to how it is claimed in the works that centres [...]

One… two… fire. Crichton: Hey, what happened to three?

I panic very easily. Little things often cascade into very big things and it's difficult to not feel as if its a slippery slope where one becomes ten within a matter of minutes around every bend. I went for a walk into two with my new personal assistant and husband in tow and as we [...]