Unremembered acts

The brightest and most memorable days in my life were at the time, just ordinary days.  Many didn't seem particularly extraordinary at the time, some were just another day at the start, but turned into a collection of moments I knew I would treasure for the rest of my life, but never have I been [...]



I used to think of success as a series of events on a straight line graph where x = performance and  y = expectations. The slope always stays the same and as expectations increase, so does performance or maybe vice versa. Want more x worker harder = success. Life doesn't draw straight line graphs with lives. [...]

I have more than one story to tell

People with disabilities, particularly those with invisible disabilities face many challenges that can be hard to come to terms with. Often, it is up to us to come to a place of acceptance and understanding without much, if any support.It is up to us to become experts in our condition, to struggle, usually for years [...]