I have more than one story to tell

People with disabilities, particularly those with invisible disabilities face many challenges that can be hard to come to terms with. Often, it is up to us to come to a place of acceptance and understanding without much, if any support.It is up to us to become experts in our condition, to struggle, usually for years [...]


Migraine aura symptoms are weird

I have chronic migraine that has never responded to treatment. I started getting migraines in early childhood, my first clear memory of a migraine attack is before I went to school and over time they have become more severe, chronic and stopped being ordinary. Attacks can last up to 2 weeks and can overlap with [...]

Flash: Cream and 37 sugars. Really.

Some days are better, some not. I'm asked frequently if I'm depressed and my answer is always no, but frustrated, overwhelmed and angry some times. My ability to deal with bad things have improved with time; I have lower expectations, appreciate the small things more and happier to compromise. I'll take what I can get [...]

First Electric Wheelchair

I both love and despise new things. There's a part of me that is always excited by the potential of the new; I like shiny things and new things are always shiny; but then there's the experienced part of me that has accumulated a mountain of firsts that never works out well. I truly hope [...]

Independence: expensive equipment or human assistance?

I have always preferred technology over assistance. If there is a way to carry out a task independently, I would choose to do so rather than requiring the assistance of another person. I think that's quite a universal preference. It's usually a more complicated and costly route and so not always the one supported or [...]

Carer’s Budget; having no say

I receive a fixed budget from the council to pay any personal assistant/carer I employ. I am the employer and the budget is set based on how many hours of care I need and calculated on a fixed hourly rate. Unfortunately, having a personal assistant costs me quite a bit of money. The standard response [...]

Accessibility Done Right

  I attended a labour workshop at the Melksham King's Park Children Centre last Tuesday. On arrival, the two disabled car parking spots were easy to spot and in a very good location, right on the edge so that there were space on the driver's side as usual, but also space on the passenger side, [...]

In search of a new PA; again

I'm starting to wonder whether I am an incredibly exacting person to work for as I simply can't seem to hold on to a personal assistant/carer on a permanent basis. The first quit due to personal health issues, the second quit before she even started and the third quit because she doesn't enjoy cleaning. I'm [...]