Ten tips for feeling better quicker when nausea and vomiting strikes

Supergirl started throwing up after school on Friday afternoon. We had dinner at the table whilst she was lying on the couch on the other side throwing up her cooked school lunch.

Now we knew why her two best friends were not in school that morning. Vomiting bug is visiting and going door to door.

She didn’t have a wonderful day – EDS has a few subtle and some not so subtle complicating additions to add – but we made it through the throw-up weekend. There are plus point to having a mother who gets a lot of migraine attacks. I realised I knew a few pretty cool things.

I even have ten tips…

  1. If you put a bit of lemon and grated ginger in the bottom of a throw-up bowl it doesn’t smell like sick when you stick your face in it.
  2. I have a super list of tried and tested good throw up foods: gluten-free ginger biscuits, crackers, wholemeal bread, apples, pears, jelly, yogurt, apple juice, energy-electrolyte drinks, pear drops and fruit juice lolly pops.
  3. Suck a boiled sweet, we like pear drops, to get the bad taste out of your mouth.
  4. The Bobble water bottle is awesome for staying dehydrated only allowing little sips at a time. (If you don’t know Bobble bottles, I wrote about them here.)
  5. Ice water with a bit of lemon and ginger served with a straw makes it easier to drink enough.
  6. Food is irrelevant – my daughter was shocked that I didn’t make her eat and offered her a ginger biscuit for breakfast.
  7. Making your own gluten-free ginger biscuits with crystalized ginger is easy under normal circumstances and too high a goal to aim for when you need them.
  8. If you buy too much ginger yogurt, it makes a good panna cotta, excellent frozen yogurt and an interesting yogurt+flour pizza base.
  9. Pizza sans topping is a great throw up food (dough made with water/yogurt+gluten-free flour).
  10. Hot packs really are invaluable, indespensable must-own items for stomach cramps. (Don’t have to buy them, make your own with a sock).
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