Words we use a lot

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A very wet Wiltshire. We talk about rain and flooding a lot.

I think vocabulary says a lot about a person. The words we use describe the things we do, the stuff we think about and it is our words that shape and reflect our reality. After being asked recently how big the little one’s vocabular now is, I started to pay more attention to the things we say and repeat.

Here is our list of the words and phrases my three year old says a lot:

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Let’s do an experiment! Do you have a hypothesis?

Follow me!

I need a break. Also, I am a bit tired.

There are 9 planets. What are their names again? Mercury… Earth … Uranus! Saturn with the rings and lots of moons … Pluto! Pluto is the little one and I am not sure he is a planet, I think he is a dog.

Let’s Play!

Can you show me a picture? Can you show me a video? I don’t know what that is, can you show me on your phone/tablet/computer?

Where does …. live? Can you show me on the globe where that is?


Stonehenge! That is Stonehenge! Are you going to visit grandma or grandad? (We drive past the stones to reach grandma or (great)grandad.)

Did you know? Followed by a factual statement:
“Do you know why it rains? It rains because the clouds are too full – clouds are made up of water you know – and so the water comes back down again.”

I like science! Is this science?

My Daddy’s head hurts a lot and it makes him very tired and then he needs to go and have a rest.

Where is the duct tape? I need it!

I bought this at Ikea and then I used my screwdriver/hammer/fingers to make it better! Look!

The wonderful things about Tiggers are Tiggers are wonderful things! They bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce and bounce! (Singing whilst bouncing on my leather footrest).

Let’s get cooking!

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I can do it all by myself!

I can do it all by myself. (Smacks at any adult hands within her vicinity). Stop helping. I can do it. Look, I will show you that I can do it all by myself.

At the bottom of the garden. (Usually a response to where did you get/put that, where are you going?)

Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.

I hurt myself / Did you hurt yourself? I will get you/I need a bandage/special lotion/a cold pack?

Let’s build a house!

Let’s dance!

Later in the evening, can we…

Can you breathe, Mummy? I will get your spacer for you! It’s okay if you need the noisy thing (nebulizer), I don’t like the noise but it helps you breathe so it is okay and I will hold your hand and stroke your face.

Come and see the show! Today, I am going to play the guitar and sing!

Mummy says yes! So we can do it!

Where is my stethoscope? I need to listen to your heart to make sure it is still working and hasn’t stopped.

Let’s have a picnic!

I think Mummy’s shoulder/knee/ankle/finger is dislocated. She may need some help but sometimes she doesn’t. Just give her a minute, okay?

I want a game! Is there any new games?

oh fiddlesticks!

I am a kitty/a baby / The Doctor / a penguin / a lion / Rapunzel (now you should say Rapunzel! I am your mummy! Let down your hair!) / Bob the Builder / Mike the Knight / the paramedic / a dinosaur.

Tonight, I will read to you! Now snuggle in and be quiet I have to concentrate very hard.

It’s just loading. We have to wait.

Let's have a car picnic!
Let’s have a car picnic!