Wrist instability, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Accessible Gaming

I haven’t been playing or typing as much as I would like, due to a flare-up of wrist issues. Why now? Working on a new accessible gaming site whilst leveling in Star Wars: The Old Republic, exacts its toll on my hands. The solution is simple but not what I want to hear; it’s what you do with all repetitive strain injuries: Take more breaks.

Gamers are notoriously bad for not taking breaks. Just finishing a level, a mission, a plot line can feel like it will take 5 minutes but actually takes 2 hours. I think I’m pretty good with the wrist-breaks when playing. I rest devices  rather than hold them and when I’m not mashing keys I rest my hands in a good position; often with a heat or ice pack at hand just for that purpose.

I’m not so good with the other stuff. I do have resting splints that immobilize my hands in a neutral position and I absolutely hate them with a passion. Chris calls them my wraith gloves and they take forever to get on and off and I can’t do a single thing whilst I have them on. I try to wear my normal splints, particularly my finger splints, when using my hands a lot, but I don’t do it often enough.

I guess my new years’ resolution should have been: 1. Wear my splints, 2. Take more breaks, 3. Do my hand exercises daily, 4. Wear my splints and 5. Game more often. No wait, hang on, that can’t be right. Scratch 4 and replace with: Have more cake.