The last three months of the year are my favourites. I love autumn, October is not only gorgeous, but also the end of heat-induced migraines, seizures and pollen-driven hayfever accompanied by frequent asthma attacks. My health affects what, how and how much I play. We moved house this month, Hawkgirl had her first birthday and birthday party and there hasn’t been much time left over in the day.

I think about games and gaming a lot; particularly when I don’t have time to actually play. World of Warcraft has popped into my head lately; memories from 2-3 years ago when I played daily, new to WoW, new to gaming, new to MMO gaming. Wrath of the Lich King was released mid-november 2008 and that’s when I really got into WoW. I joined my first raiding guild, cleared Naxx in 2-3 hours when 213 level gear were amazing and was very shy about not owning a full set of tier gear and wearing a lvl 200 cloak for ages (Who knew I’d be stuck with a 213 for even longer).

I loved playing. I loved questing and crafting, I adored the auction house and spend a lot of effort on my Level 1 Human Rogue auction toon. Raiding was nerve wracking, but one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced and I loved every minute as a healer. My computer blue screened mid-raid the same month I became pregnant and despite trying to get back into it with Cataclysm with a new gaming PC; I was recovering from emergency surgery and had a colicky baby with dislocating shoulders at home; regular gaming wasn’t in the cards.

Things are settling down and I’m nearing the point where I can go back if I want to. Do I want to? I’m not sure. I still have limited time. WoW or maybe another MMO (Bioware made Mass Effect and I’m sitting with an open Amazon preorder page for Star Wars: The Old Republic)? If it is the social aspects of gaming that appeal, do I want to just try  out multiplayer aspects of games more? As I’m not really a social player, maybe I should just take the time to catch up on single player titles I’ve missed. What is it that makes some gaming experiences so memorable whilst others after a while begin to feel like a chore and how to get more of the first and less of the latter?

Christmas time is PC gaming time. For now, it’s Orcs must Die and Trine coop Beta the second I have some uninterrupted game time. After that, I’ll see when I get there, for now, just being able to play anything for an hour or two or three a day for a few days running is an extra special super treat.