The cat nobody wanted

Mid-June saw a heatwave in the Southwest of England and on the Saturday the 19th, a gardener found two cardboard boxes in the bottom of a restaurant plot behind a wall. He thought they were empty, but turns out, they contained two cats who had been left there for days. Both boxes were sealed with tape and no air holes were left. He brought them to the Cat Action Trust and they took them in, cleaned them up, had them checked out and began the process of finding them a home. Usually cats are rehomed pretty quickly, but the smaller of the two had some problems. The vet said that her best educated guess would be Cerebral Palsy / Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) but her issues with balance and walking could also be as a result of a traumatic brain injury. As she didn’t fit in, other cats picked on her and in four months, not a single enquiry was received from her picture on the web site. One of the ladies from the trust took her in, but as the other cats did not like her, she sleeps alone and spends her evenings by herself away from the rest of the family.

I fell in love before we even met her. The picture on the site was adorable, she sounded like a lovely cat that would fit in here just perfectly. At four o’clock this afternoon, we went to pick her up. She was shy and reserved at first, but by the time we pulled out of the driveway, she had her head resting in my hand and three hours after letting her out of the box, she’s claimed everything in the house as her own and settled down on the baby bear rug. I think we’re going to get along just fine.


5 thoughts on “The cat nobody wanted

  1. I can’t imagine someone doing such a horrid thing to an animal. I’m happy she’s going to be with someone who will love and enjoy her. I’m know she will bring lots of love and affection into your household. : )

  2. Nice looking cat Lil. It’s always nice to hear when an animal is rescued and placed in such a loving home as yours.
    I’m sure you and her will become the best of friends ;)

    We’re actually looking for a cat ourselfs. And we most likely found one in Aygo. A new born Siberian cat that already stole our hearths though the pictures posted on the cattery site. :)
    We’re going to see him somewere this week, so we’re very excited about meeting him.

    Greetz, Ish.

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