Lady on a bicycle

It’s the little things that occasionally get me. I saw a lady in her late sixties peddling down the road on her bicycle recently. It was one of those Jessica Fletcher bicycles with the basket in the front and a few items of shopping were sticking out the top. It was one of those moments that made me think about what I would like life to be like when I’m much older and reminded me that the future I would like to imagine, a simple one at that, would never happen.

I don’t usually see disability as an obstacle. Although the workings around aren’t always easy to obtain and can be quite expensive and/or time consuming, there are workings around for most things. Besides, one can never do everything and there’s plenty of things I can do to fill a lifetime with. But riding a bicycle with a basket to the shop when I’m seventy will never be one of them. I stopped cycling thirteen years ago and as much as it is something I wish I could do and eventually when time and money allows I could find a suitable alternative, it’s not the same. I watched the lady cycle past with a smile and despite feeling a twinge of regret and envy, it wasn’t difficult to just watch her go about her day which I suspect she might think rather ordinary and bland and be happy enough just watching.