The good, the bad and the… interesting

Personal assistant job interview time again. Applications forms arrived on Friday and interviews started this morning. I’m not as nervous about the whole process as I was the first time around and with a good number of applicants with quite a few looking promising on paper, it seems like the process this time round will be as painless as possible.

It gets easier to pick the most appropriate person for the job each time round. Red flags are easier to spot and although the process is laborious, with a little help, it should all be done within a week hopefully with a good end result.

I find interviews a tiring process and having scheduled four for today, I’m exhausted. But it’s also an interesting process. I’m not sure why some people apply for a position that seems ill suited to them, particularly when they arrive with an air of disinterest and can’t wait to be out the door again. Next time round I will probably be less inclined to even grant interviews to applicants that most likely won’t work out, but I’m still cautious, still optimistic, still willing to make allowances for some flaws and oversights.

Half-way through the interview stage and I’m confident that it’ll work out fine, we’ll find someone suitable who hopefully will fit in well with my quirky and slightly unusual lifestyle and stick around for more than a few months. Fingers crossed.