Before I forget

I spilled cereal all over the kitchen floor trying to get it into a bowl and failing at it somewhat. I forget how my body tries to adapt and when I’m tired, it feels a little like all systems run on fifty percent or lower and as a result, more things go wrong much easier. I’m forgetful, disorganised, joints disintegrate seemingly on site, pain levels are high and I’m out of breath quicker. Moving house turned out to be a much bigger deal than I had anticipated and I’m not settling in that well.

Three weeks here and the house still smells strongly of paint, enough so to give me a headache with all the doors and windows open and in the new house, my asthma has flared up; even the cat is having breathing issues. The wetroom I will be paying off over the best part of a year is leaking damp into the bedroom, the ceiling is moulding, the door opens up the wrong way, the electric heater fitted inside is mindboggling and obstructs wheelchair access just a bit more than makes it comfortable and enough so that I couldn’t negotiate it without assistance. The furniture doesn’t quite fit, my computer set-up presents a problem I don’t have a solution for yet and the oven we acquired is a little too big and obscures the drawers in the kitchen. There’s always issues when one moves and I knew going in that this house, being a council property would have more issues that most, I’m rather disappointed that I still don’t have a phone I can use or wheelchair access into or out of either doors.

There’s been a lot of things I have wanted to blog about over the last few weeks. Something catches my eye, something I read or see makes me think, life happens and I always feel like writing about it. But then other things happen, some times good, some times bad and I don’t get around to it there and then and then I forget, sooner than I would like, all about it. I never sit down and just capture the moment, I tend to think later, when I have more time, when I can formulate my thoughts better, when I can write a proper piece, that’s when I’ll do it, but I never do. I forget that life cannot happen in big chunks, I get too tired. I can do a lot of things, but only if I stop pushing so hard and take more breaks, take the leisurely route and sacrifice some things along the way to make others possible.


2 thoughts on “Before I forget

  1. That last paragraph I think is the story of my life. I tend to end up not doing anything cos i cant do all, so my life stays stagnant at one point. Can’t seem to “get out of that”

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