We crashing again?

It’s been a busy week and a bit between doctor appointments, getting ready to move house, being extra tired, suffering badly from hay fever and a few related breathing problems and spending quite a bit of time incapacitated by rather nasty headaches. I don’t sleep well either when pain, fatigue and stress levels rise and that certainly doesn’t do me any favors.

It is great when I can say doctor appointments went well. A couple of mhm, not sure about that, lets look into it just to be sure responses was not ideal, but the fact that all the staff at the hospital were polite, friendly, understanding and actually knew not only about my condition, but how it plays out and took  great care not to dislocate joints unnecessarily, superseded my expectations. I was kept waiting for twenty minutes at my opticians appointment and three apologies were offered which made me realize how different my perspective is. I waited for 1-2 hours before I was seen at the hospital and as waiting times go for more complex appointments, that’s pretty good. It also made me realize just how much time is spent, not just on appointments, but all the peripheral things that go along with it. It’s like having two jobs already, being sick /disabled and then managing being sick/disabled.

We’re moving house over the weekend and even though the wheelchair accessible house won’t be completely accessible for a while, I’m still very happy to move into a house without stairs at the least. I’m tired, joints are dislocating more, the background headache has settled into my brain and flares up at the worst times seemingly just to annoy me and it makes life difficult. It’s not all just an uphill struggle. Reading helps, gaming helps, talking helps, laughing helps, knowing that I’m not struggling alone helps, help helps. And it’s raining today, no sun, no pollen, no sneezing and dislocating ribs and jaw; that helps too.