Flatland, lineland, spaceland, pointland and GearScore

I live in my own little universe or maybe it’s more a rural cottage in the middle of nowhere. Although I try to look out the window occasionally, that doesn’t really give me much of a view of the big wide world beyond. It’s not that I’m completely oblivious to the world out there, I’m just not quite as up to date as I really ought to be. But that’s okay with me. I’m content with my little corner, but sometimes my pursuits takes me further afoot and I quite enjoy that too. Pugging is one of those things that stretches my horizon. I have to interact with strangers and sometimes it’s a positive experience and sometimes it isn’t. I have a tendency to maintain my bubble, I’m not the type of person who makes friends easily and neither do I interact with random strangers beyond the point of necessity. I’m polite, but reserved. I don’t mind if a heroic goes a little slow because some members of the party are in blues and gearing up. I don’t mind when the dps pulls the aggro off the tank. I don’t mind the odd mistake, or clumsiness or laziness, within reason. I do mind rudeness and will quite happily tell other players off if they start picking on any member of the party, including myself. I also mind if I take the time to mark for good reason and nobody still pays attention. And I definitely mind when players afk or fake a dc just to return in time to ninja the loot, which happened once with the CoS drake and now I’m more ruthless with a party kick. I don’t have recount or any other damage meter running anymore, mostly because I dislike the dps race with a passion and I don’t care what players are wearing. Unfortunately, not paying attention seems to be a bad idea here too. As a result, I’ve installed GearScore rather than recount.

It’s one of those addons that remind me of the saying ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’. It’s easy to use it to try and gauge whether a player makes the cut in your opinion, the same as recount stats can be useful but is often misused, but the fun part is that it’s also easy to use it well. It includes the gear score in the tooltip and so by mousing over the members in my party, I can quickly get an idea of what their gear is like and usually, after the first pull I can also tell quite well what their skill is like. It makes it easier to anticipate and avoid the classic pitfalls. When tanking, I know who are most likely to churn out the highest dps and it’s easy to spot whether they pay attention to threat or not. Also when tanking, if the healer isn’t well geared, I have my own healing buttons at the ready to help out as much as possible. When healing, those with lower scores take more damage and so I’ll throw and additional HoT their way at the start. Sometimes it quickly becomes obvious that skill outweighs gear and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a useful tool that I’m happy to enable when pugging. It’s easy to use, all the slash commands are listed here and it’s also been very helpful to assess where my alt slots in as I’m starting to gear her up. I’m not sure if it’s a keeper, but for the time being, it’s definitely accompanying me into my regular pick-up groups.