Lua with World of Warcraft

The big magnet in World of Warcraft that keeps pulling me in is being able to make it my own. I’m consistently tweaking my UI. Although I am a minimalist that wants nothing more than a completely hidden HUD, I’m also a little bit of a perfection that wants tons of information underneath my fingertips at all times. Marrying those two concepts provide endless hours of fun and frustration and the definitely realization that I will never be done tweaking my UI. I prefer to automate as many things I possibly can and so I have mods that auto-repair, auto-sell grey items and auto-auction specific items in my bags. I use addons and macro’s within wow, complimenting it with hardware and other software scripts to try and create a seamless gaming experience that doesn’t break my hands in the process. Running as  many adaption as possible without clogging up my computer entirely is a bit of a challenge. My reflexes are much slower than the average person, let alone the average gamer and so I can’t afford to play on a slow system that takes time to catch up because it’s processing too much information. Again, this is a constant battle between getting the most whilst giving up the least.

I read Hacking World of Warcraft, a book written by the creator of Atlas, last year and it was invaluable in teaching me how to write my own macros in a few seconds rather than going on the internet to find something to copy and paste. Chris bought Beginning Lua with World of Warcraft, written by the creator of Deadly Boss Mods as a Christmas present and now that I’ve finally gotten around to reading it, I think it will be invaluable in learning how to customize things that little bit further. The aim for 2010 for me in WoW is to get my addons to work better together and customize a little more indepth as required to achieve this.

I love my addons , but I can’t just install an unlimited number and pray that it doesn’t strangle my poor computer.  As new years resolutions go, this is one I think is one of my more practical goals and that indeed is a welcome change. I’d also like to do what everybody else wants to do, eat healthier, loose weight, get fitter, find a more satisfying job, but I still don’t think those are realistic to achieve in 365 days. They’re more of a constant, something to gradually grow into rather than achieve once. But spending a little more time crafting my own experience out of  a game that millions of people play so I can join in the community spirit, I’m hoping come December 2010 I’m not saying I never did get around to learning more about Lua.


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