For what it was worth, you did a great job Isaac. See you around… or maybe not

I’ve been so enthralled by the xbox controller for Windows that I’m keen to go overboard and use it for as many things as possible. The design is ergonomic and I think it will remove one big headache from PC-based gaming for me. I will probably take the easy out soon and just buy and xbox, but it’s such a lovely piece of kit that I can’t see myself not using it with my computer for a very long time.

I picked up a copy of Dead Space yesterday and as well as scaring myself and the cat half to death, Chris came bolting up the stairs to come see what was happening and I was sitting on the bed with my knees pulled up against my chest, controller neatly balanced, maniacally hitting at something ineptly whilst cringing at the same time. Chris watched, laughed, shook his head and said, “You’re such a girl sometimes”. I stuck out my tongue which of course begged the reply, “Now that’s not very lady like”.

I’ve gotten into game play before, but never quite that much. And at least part of it is all thanks to the xbox controller. I wasn’t playing very well, but the thoughts going through my mind weren’t how do I move my hand so as not to hurt myself, it was more along the lines of panic/which button to press/panic/run/panic/how do I hit it?/panic. I survived, just barely, for a while. I realized quickly that this was not the best choice to try and learn a new controller, but it was lovely to immerse myself so much into a game.

It was disappointing to realize that the controller doesn’t work with Psychonauts, where I’m struggling with mouse control and still stuck at punch punchy punch punch. The fact that it did work with Batman and on top of that, that Batman was the perfect game to learn it with, made up for the disappointment somewhat. It was so much fun to be able to play, inadequately and jerkily at best, but without getting pretty hurt, that I decided to pull out Glovepie again. It worked well for the Joystick, even if in the end, the joystick didn’t work so well for me.

It took a little while to figure out how the xbox controller buttons were labelled, but once that was done, it was an easy basic script to write. For now, it feels again like a world brimming with possibilities; I can throw together a script in a few minutes customized for each game and on top of that, I can also put one together to use the xbox controller as a replacement for both mouse and keyboard in combination with Dragon. I don’t think I’ll attempt to use it in WoW, not enough buttons for that, but everything else seems a little easier now. It’s always nice when things come together.