Everything in that general direction must DIE!

We went shopping today. I’ve been thinking about getting an xbox, but am more than a little worried how the controller will get along with my joint issues. The solution seems pretty obvious, get an xbox controller for the PC and see how it goes.

The last time we went shopping, we hit three game stores and noone had a PC controller in stock. I had a couple of questions regarding the xbox and a game or two and the glazed over look of the guys behind the counter was less than inspiring. The fourth store was much much better. Helpful and knowledgeable staff, clientele that actually looked and sounded like gamers rather than parents trying to shop for Christmas and this was the first to actually stock a copy of Brutal Legend, which says it all in my book. Today, we skipped the first three and went straight to the fourth.

It was rather crowded walking in and a few pre-christmas offers were already advertised. I didn’t make it very far into the store before I noticed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was back in stock at half the retail price. It’s one of those stores that have all the popular games but also the more obscure and older games. I eventually caught up with Chris at the counter which was right at the back of the store. As I excuse myself past a few guys in a busy, tiny store, I realised that I was being noticed. The way I’m noticed when I’m in a wheelchair, but not quite. I had my walking stick and that draws the occassional stare too, but then I heard of the younger male clientelle say ‘wow, there’s a girl in the store’.

I smiled at him and started talking to the sales person. He had questions. Did I want a wired or wireless controller? Is it for an xbox or my PC? Would I like anything else? He left to get my controller and I started chatting with Chris about gaming and I was being stared at again. The friend of the original customer says ‘she’s not here with her boyfriend’ he’s here with her’ and snickered. I smiled and left the store. Outside it was cold and wet and the stick slipped in my hand, I dropped it and clumsily tried to remain upright. A few people stared. I realized then that man oh man, I’d much rather be stared at because I’m girl than because I sometimes walk funny.