It was the black kitten’s fault entirely

I love reading and when I stop reading it’s usually for the same reason; I’ve lost interest in my chosen reading material. It’s been headache central since I hit my head and that eats into my gaming and TV time mightily. Also, remaining upright is still rather problematic and the sixteen hour nights I was indulging in has metamorphosed into not being able to sleep much. Books is the most accessible hobby left and so I find myself looking for inspiration.

I love Honor Harrington, but I’m on book number 9 and in desperate need of a break. The What Should I Read Next? site has been very helpful, but Goodreads has stolen my heart. It’s a site with a clean layout that allows me to create lists and who doesn’t love doing that. I can add in books I’ve read (and rate and review them), books I own, books I’m currently reading and books that are on my reading list. It’s an all-in-one site for everything book related that my heart desires and so far it has all the books I’ve been able to think of that fits on any of those lists. It also has the option to add friends so that you can see their books, follow strangers whose taste you may appreciate, follow authors and compare your books and ratings with someone else’s. It is one of those sites that have the potential to become addictive and a substantial time sink.

I don’t as a rule write reviews or even share my opinion in any form other than “I loved/liked/disliked/hated it”, mostly because I’m both terrible at explaining and even worse at trying to define or quantify my taste. For people like me, there’s the five star rating that suffices and if I ever feel like trying my hand at capturing what it is I loved or hate, this would probably be where I’d go. It even handily links to and not just I’ve been moodily frustrated all week and the prospect of new books by authors I’m not familiar with excites me. Also, the opportunity to stroll down memory lane into some of my favourite universes, remembering characters that often feel like dear friends, has been time well spent.

I don’t read enough. Audio books take forever to complete, electronic books hurt my eyes and real books hurt my hands. Then most things do all of the above and that’s no excuse. I am realizing that I miss lazy afternoons curled up with a book and caught up utterly and completely in the plot. It’s time to rediscover those hours of pleasure again and this site provides a great incentive. So many appealing things to read that I can’t wait for it to start gobbling up my time.