A wanderer with purpose

Say Pilgrim and I think Canterbury Tales rather than Pilgrim fathers or  Thanksgiving. I usually keep up with the in-game events, but Day of the Dead swished by taking up a full haphazard five minutes of my time pre-raid and waking up around 11 a.m. with Chris instantly there filled with excitement that I’m finally awake and we can go shoot turkeys and rogues heralded it’s arrival.

I have a love-hate relationship with special events like this one. I love when they start on a Sunday morning when Chris has the day off and we can run around in game whilst drinking our morning coffee, pointing at each other’s screens and spending some quality time together. It’s one of my favourite things to do as a couple. The hate part comes a little later. There’s usually something impossible or extraordinarily difficult that takes the fun out of it in a blink. I hit a wall, get frustrated, which bleeds over Chris’ good mood and frustrated that he can’t help, fun becomes no fun for either of us.

We started well prepared this morning. No rush, we agreed. I won’t grow impatient because he looses me in crowds (it makes me wonder if  prosopagnosia translates into the game in some way or another) and he won’t get frustrated because I’m running into things again and struggle to target anything. It will take time for both of us and there’s no rush. I started to tense up when logging in required three tries. Hitting the wrong keys is a bad start and I know it. “Deep breaths”, Chris says and I breathe and relax my shoulders. We’ve been doing a lot of deep breathing since I hit my head, I seem to be a nervous wreck.

The morning went pretty well. I waited patiently when he couldn’t find me rather than doing my usual ‘Where are you?’ and ‘How can you not find me, I’m an orange dot on your minimap’ and ‘sigh’ and twiddle my thumbs. He was patient when I ran into walls, hit the wrong buttons and fell behind because everything is taking longer. No rush, he kept saying. Don’t worry about it, it’s temporary, we’ll get it sorted again. We took breaks when my hands were tired and when they got really tired and hurt, we tried massage and heat and logging out for a while.

I’m still not done but neither is he. We’ll do the Horde cities after I’ve napped in the afternoon. I’ll do the turkeys in the early morning hours when there’s less turkey hunters and tomorrow’s dailies will provide enough Turkey Shooters so that I can just park myself in Dalaran and wait for unsuspecting rogues of every race to wander by. I love that there isn’t a timer on the Turkey achievement, usually it’s kill x number of y in z minutes. This time, there’s enough of a time gap that I can do it despite crappy reflexes. I’m pretty  sure I can manage even with post-concussion reflexes. Woohoo.

There’s something magical about getting up late on a Sunday morning and running through festival achievements only stopping for Bacon rolls and coffee. And it’s even better when none of the ahievements suck the life and fun out of it.


2 thoughts on “A wanderer with purpose

  1. Sad to hear you got hurt so bad Lil. I hope you recover quickly ;)

    This event is pretty fun. I too get frustrated for seemingly impossible achievements most of these events bring. (you know the ones that are mostly out of your control)

    The only nasty one here is the turkinator, because even if you’re alone it can be tricky to get 40 in a row simply due to not finding the damn things in time.

    Best of luck with the rest of the achivements!

    Greetz, Ish.

  2. Thanks for the thought, Ish. Looks like I’m recovering quicker than expected, which I’m not questioning and just enjoying. Finally managed the turkinator, now just need to find the last of those pesky rogues.

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