If it doesn’t give you a little thrill, you’re doing it wrong

Saturn during Equinox

Space porn fascinates me and like most things intriguing, the more you know, the more it blows your mind. I don’t know a lot about space, cosmology, Saturn or the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft mission, but I think I know enough that images likes these can mesmerize me completely. I was browsing through images of Saturn at Equinox at The Big Picture, my favourite photoblog and just couldn’t stop looking at it. Saturn with its nitrogen atmosphere and methane/ethane clouds is my favourite planet and Titan with its liquid aliphatic hydrocarbon lakes is my favourite moon. The rings, mostly made up of ice with bits of rock and dust strewn in is pretty beyond belief and looking at images of Saturn remains a surreal experience that I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of.