What a long, strange trip it’s been

WoWScrnShot_102009_124525 It’s been a long, strange trip indeed. A year ago, I was oblivious to the multiplayer aspect of WoW. I played because Chris enjoyed having me there and it was an accessible, highly customizable game that quickly became a nice distraction and fun way to pass the time. I wanted to get more involved, but despite all the raid and arena youtube video’s Chris pulled out, it all seemed very far out of reach and almost impossible to do. The seasonal events provided a nice mid-step for me. Saving Goldshire from the Headless Horseman a year ago was probably the closest I had come to other players at the time. I joined my first PUG to get the Red winter hat for the Merrymaker achievement and I joined my first guild and tagged along on a few guild runs to get to the Elders in the Northrend Dungeons. It’s not so much that the achievement was responsible, but the fact that working towards it coincided with me learning how to play makes it something truly memorable.

I worked really hard to get it done. It involved a lot of crying, hurting, huge frustration and quite a few moments where I felt as if I’d pushed myself over the edge for some silly pixel present. But it also required plenty of creative thinking to solve the issues that sometimes seemed unsolvable, it provided a great opportunity to hang out with friends and there’s some truly memorable hysterically funny and enjoyable events that happened along the way. I really enjoyed doing this achievement and I’m almost sad that it’s over… until I get up in the air and have the 30% speed bonus.


6 thoughts on “What a long, strange trip it’s been

  1. fantastic, congratulations on getting your violet.

    I’ve still got til Children’s week and getting a tower in AV for School of Hard Knocks til I complete so still a way off!

    Major grats


  2. “It’s been a long, strange trip indeed.” That it has, and I am very glad to have played some small part in it with you and Chris and the others. :-)

    Very big grats on this meta ingame achievement, and even bigger grats on the personal ones RL ones :-)


    PS kudos to Chris for pulling you in in the first place :-D

  3. Congratulations!

    I wish I was more consistant with doing those events, because in the 3 years i’ve played I’ve only done about half of them…

    After skipping the last brew fest event I’ll have to wait at least another year to get it :P

  4. Congrats on your Violet Drake!!

    Great to hear how far you’ve come in game and on a personal level too. Hopefully get mine soon, so we’ll attack those Storm Peak Herbs at 310% :-)

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