Wait for the cream…

My knowledge of computers is not exactly extensive. I love them, understand the basics, can throw together a simplistic website or write a short script, but mostly it’s like my knowledge of German and French, I know enough to follow basic conversations, but not so much that I could speak it without a little help and even then, it’s with great difficulty. It’s nice that Chris is a little more fluent in both French and geek speak so that conversations go like this ‘I can’t log into WoW, help.’ He looks over my shoulder and says ‘just flush the dns cache’, which is a little like saying ‘have you turned it on?’. At least I now know what that means; open cmd, right click and select ‘run as administrator’ (stupid vista) and type in ipconfig /flushdns then ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew and wait a little while and if you’re lucky, problem solved.

Tuesdays are normally our Saturday of the week. We overdose on WoW or go see a film and as the carers have the day off, it means I can sleep in as late as I’d like. I took full advantage by staying up until I fell asleep in front of my computer in the early morning hours and when Chris tried to wake me around eight so we could go out for the day, the response he got was a very emphatic no. I didn’t get up until almost noon, trudging downstairs lured by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and noticing him browse on-line to see which movies are showing, I interjected with ‘how about the Quentin Tarantino flick then?’.

He wasn’t that keen, but reluctantly sold with a ‘but you love alternate history’ and ‘you liked Kill Bill even though you thought you wouldn’t like it, same director’ and a complete omission that there would be subtitles. It was a pleasant but tiring day out. Driving back across the countryside as the normal road was blocked off due to a bomb scare at the nearby airbase (deduced that from passing the bomb disposal unit among other things along the way. UPDATE: correct assumption it seems), I relaxed back into my seat with another headache starting up again, but it didn’t matter. It was a lovely afternoon, Chris was telling me all about military aircraft as we watched a couple land and take off and we speculated idly over what could possibly have triggered the emergency response. (We didn’t pass the bomb disposal unit until a couple of blocks away from home). It reminded me that it’s not always about what’s going wrong, sometimes, the things I think of as distractions from pain isn’t the distraction. Pain is the distraction and the more pleasant stuff, that’s life.