The perfect UI


I have fallen in love with the lore of WoW. When I started playing, most of my concentration went into the physical aspect of game play and most of my time went into making my UI usable rather than pretty. Chris was in a hurry to get to 70 and so for big chunks I didn’t read the quest text at all and didn’t pay attention to the world and the story lines at all. Soloing has always been something that I love about the game and taking time recently to slow down and appreciate the story has left me annoyed with text and icons all over my screen.

Clutter is a pet hate and there’s few things that makes me as giddy with excitement as reclaiming a bit more screen real estate does. I’m still not quite done, the Pitbull debuffs on my target’s target still annoys me to no end in raids, but Satrina Buff Frames just aren’t as well designed and I should go and find a replacement addon, but for now, particularly when running around cities or soloing, I finally have a UI that I just love to no end. I want to be pulled in by the quest lines and graphics to exclusion of everything else and this allows me to do just that. Chris’ response: “You know that Alt+Z does the same thing right?” Sigh. No, it doesn’t. It’s all still there. You just can’t see it.