Don’t keep all your passwords taped to the bottom of your stapler

Privacy is a big deal for me. What information I share and who I share it with should be my decision and I expect others to treat my personal information with care.It bothers me that people gossip, particularly when they gossip about me. I dislocated my knee, among other things, this week and the care assistant that was present at the time almost fainted. I had to make her sit down. And she just felt the need to tell everybody, whether they needed to know or not. If it was a simple passing over of relevant information to those who need to know, fair enough, but hearing the story from a different temp the next morning and how freaked out the lady was, I didn’t care for the tone or the indiscretion. And it seems to have to become enough of a horror story around the office that the temp returning from holiday wouldn’t come in today alone as she’s scared. Just great. Gotta love gossip.

It’s made me especially uptight today. I’m one of those people who change my passwords on a regular basis and tend to prefer the type of password that looks something like this dg643agdp23 and so my data is probably safe, but I still decided that it was time for change. It was probably a bad idea to pick today to switch to a new set as I have a headache and it’s left me a little loopy, but I’m doing it anyway ’cause it makes me feel better. I sometimes wonder where the line is between privacy and paranoia. I choose to put a fair amount of personal information on the internet, but I that on my own terms. Every time I update an obscure password to a new random obscure password, I wonder if this is one of those things I just take too seriously. But then I recall what it feels like when information is shared that shouldn’t be shared and how it easy it is to get access and I add another three digits just to make it that little bit more secure.  I want my private life to be private unless I say otherwise. I’m not sure there’s really anything I can do about carers talking to carers and other members of staff, but I can update passwords and as a big chunk of my world lives in my computer, feel a little better in doing so.