Celebrate the successes


I love heroics, its still my favourite part of the game. I can run heroics again and again and just never tire of it. The healing is easy, there’s plenty of downtime moving from one to the other and the people in your party is what makes it interesting. Heroic Nexus run today and after breezing past the first boss we decided to get the Chaos Theory achievement on the second.None of us was quite up on the strategy, but not bothering to bother or waste time, we went with ‘just stay on the boss’ as the easy way to explain it and then the tank pulled. The DPS took this instruction very literally and just stayed on the boss ignoring the rifts and ignoring the adds. We didn’t use dampen magic (obviously), we didn’t kite, we didn’t even stay at range most of the time. Everybody took pretty heavy damage,  everybody had aggro and as it’s a shiny fight, I positioned my screen so that I couldn’t see a thing other than the health bars and the combat log, madly fixing my viewpoint at the end before my addon took its automatic achievement screenshot. I complain quite a bit, I get irritable and depressed because things go wrong and it frustrates me when WoW seems filled with obstacles that’s just so difficult to overcome. It’s easy to see the obstacles, but it’s so much more fun to overcome them.


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  1. As the tank on that run, I hereby testify that Lil was and is the most AWESOME healer I know. The fight was probably about 8 min long and not one of us died, nor was I ever in any danger of it, And she still finished with a half full mana bar :-P Gratz Lil, it was fantastic :-D

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