I’ve never been a big fan of MSN, but I’ve put up with it mostly because it seems like a lot of work to try and change it just to talk to a few friends, but if I can spend hours tweaking my warcraft UI, surely spending a few minutes changing to a different IM client is not that big a deal. Enter Pidgin.

It’s not ideal. Still too much colour and too many frills for my liking, but it’s a very big upgrade from Windows Live Messenger and with a little customized tweaking, skinning seems to be possible to remove all the colour that I really don’t like. It’s cleaner. And it has options that I really like. I can finally turn off the flashing orange tab. It tabs rather than opening up multiple windows for different contacts. Less is definitely more in my book and it’s nice to have a program that doesn’t tell me things I don’t need to know. Show rather than tell time.

Before And After:


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  1. I used Pidgin for a long time and I loved it. If you use multiple messaging accounts – MSN, AOL, ICQ, Gchat, etc – it will funnel all of them into one interface and one chat system. Much better than multiple programs and windows to keep track of!

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