Fun Is Good

WoWScrnShot_072709_203500Today turned out to be one of those very rare days where not only didn’t anything serious go very wrong, quite a few non-serious things went very right. It started by not being woken up by the cat but instead waking up on a rainy wet morning with the cat fast asleep on top of me with his head snuggled into my neck. We padded downstairs without bothering to get dressed and curled up in front of the TV. It took a while to notice Chris wasn’t home on his day off. I noticed round about the time he walked in with fresh coffee and McDonalds’ hash browns. Love those. We watched TV, ate and I had my feet rubbed.

It was a perfect summer’s day.  Sunny without being hot. We took advantage with a long winding drive through the English country side. Ending up, as usual, for coffee in Avebury.  Then home, rest, dinner and off to Ulduar. I haven’t done a 10-man in months because the first was so difficult to heal that I got scared and in combination with having a bad couple of months health wise, I’ve just not done any more. There’s a definite advantage to being behind the curve, others do all the hard work for you and so we one-shotted the Iron Council on my first time there. Killing stuff didn’t go so well after that, but it’s the most fun I’ve had raiding in a very long time. Chris and the cat sat next to me and we quickly went from his contribution being ‘don’t stand in the green stuff’ (to which the answer was I’m not in the green stuff, dear) to him helping on Hodir ‘just this once’ after my wrist really didn’t like all the movement required.

WoWScrnShot_072709_215725The first attempt did not go well at all. The second went a bit better. The third went beautifully. By the last I didn’t need help anymore as I’d gotten the hang of it completely. Few things are as satisfying as going into something knowing that you can’t do it and walking out afterwards having done it. The only way for me to learn is by doing and I’m always surprised afterwards by how easy failing can be. I dread mistakes. I get scared when I don’t know how to do something because learning really hurts awfully much and the learning curve is generally a steep one. But getting the moving slotted in perfectly inbetween heals even for a little while is worth whatever it costs to get there and afterwards, the price seems less steep. Particularly when the trying is as much fun as it was tonight. All and all, it was a pretty good day.


3 thoughts on “Fun Is Good

  1. It was fun indeed :)

    A shame we didn’t kill Hodir though, we were so close too! ;) We’ll get him next time I’m sure.

    The last attempt at Mimi had me laughing throughout. Pressing that big button was just hilarious!

  2. Hodir was so close, we’ll definitely get him next time. I was laughing so much on that last attempt that I had issues healing. Definitely a ‘fun was had by all’ raid. :)

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