Good days

Some days are better than others and today has been better than most. I know better than to try and squeeze everything I can into the few good hours I have and so the first order of the day is to prioritize where my time goes. Do I try to catch up? Give in to that seemingly ever present pressure of wanting to be industrious? Have fun? Or possibly or more likely a good proportion of all of the above.

I logged into WoW first. It’s always difficult to get back into the swing of anything and it took a conscious effort to not worry so much. I worry about headaches and I worry about seizures, but at some point, when it’s over it’s over and it’s time to let go. It’s time to let go. Health stuff is unpredictable, but I’ve had my quota of seizures for the year and bad patches do pass. They may blend into no-so-bad patches rather than good ones, but that’s okay. I’m okay.

I no longer count the good days. I don’t worry about when they’ll end. It’s all yin-yang and some days are better, some days are worse, but I no longer keep score. It’s enough to take each day for whatever it turns out to be and make the best of what there is. But optimism comes easy on good days when the glass is definitely more than half-full.


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