Soloing and Screen Real Estate


The main objective for me when soloing is virtual escapism. I don’t often pay a lot of attention to the story lines and graphics most of the time, but it’s a high priority for me to take some time out to forget a little that WoW is a multiplayer-game and that I am not my character. I understand the appeal of role-play at times like this. Lileya has a personality complete with favourite things and little quirks and have become set in her ways. I don’t normally pay much attention to these aspects and it’s happened more by accident than design with my imagination filling in the gaps inbetween my personal likes and dislikes, but when I play by myself, it’s an easy escape. One of the crucial aspects of escapism for me is screen real estate. The more the better. I constantly play with my UI as it’s never quite what I want it to be, but the finishing touches on my soloing UI is done and I’m very happy with it. To create the UI, I made the chat box disappear and used Bartender, ButtonFacade, Xperl, Sexymap and kgpanels. I still have raid and other addons invisible in the background which appear when I join a group, enter combat or enable them, depending on the add-on, making it easy to change from soloing to raiding in a few seconds. I’m loving it.