Playing around with playing a bear

lilandvaeChris and I have an interesting in-game relationship. There have been times where we did absolutely everything together all the time and then there’s been times where we did absolutely everything apart all the time.  We both prefer the middle ground. Soloing is something we both enjoy, raiding is something we both enjoy, but duoing anything has always been a point of contention. I get annoyed because mages can’t tank and he gets annoyed because I shadowmeld, let him die and stick him with a huge repair bill. Last night we tried out the bear spec I swore I’d only use for soloing. It worked rather well. Well enough that I was convinced we were running The Underbog on normal rather than heroic. Except, I still used shadowmeld a lot and he still had the huge repair bill.

Raiding seems to have ironed out most of the kinks. He let me pull, didn’t overaggro and I finally got to proceed at a pace that I find relaxing and enjoyable rather than getting frustrated by spending most of my time waiting for something to happen only to be overwhelmed around the next corner to find myself struggling to keep up. I died once, he died rather more, but at no point did we die for legitimate reasons. We died because I meant to pull three but six came running instead. Oops.

WoWScrnShot_061409_225042I love healing. I can heal just about anything well or awfully and still have fun. Some things are more fun than others, but even when we miss the timer on a CoS run or I play with the coordination of a three year old, it’s still fun or we spent a whole raid not downing a single boss, it’s still fun for me. Running around in Outland last night though was a kind of fun that I haven’t experienced for a long time. It was the fun of doing something that I don’t really know how to do and aren’t very good at, but seem to be doing anyway and although expecting disastrous consequences, none came.

We moved on to 4-man Sethekk Halls and MgT for a couple of quick and fun mount runs and the fact that I could try to do and probably wouldn’t succeed gave me the opportunity to focus completely on what I was doing rather than worrying about what other people were doing. They were competent and could take of themselves. It reminded of a post a read and loved a few days ago ‘How bears can make a Tree’s life harder‘. The biggest temptation is not to bounce from one mob to the next giddy on full health and rage bars. I did not resist as much as I probably should have. I remembered how I used to feel about playing before I started worrying about whether I’m good enough or whether something will hurt as much as I know it can. It was new, unchartered territory and fun without the worry about the hurt that always comes next. I’ll most definitely be paying a little more attention to my bear and maybe finally bother getting every piece enchanted and start thinking about upgrades. I’d love to tank more, I’m just not sure if I have the nerve to do so.


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