She wants to paint the living room yellow

Painting supplies uid 1355428I’m having another one of those days where I’m asleep most of the time and when I’m not, I’m wishing that I was. Asleep and dreaming. Sounds perfect. Alas, that is not meant to be. Can’t sleep all day and all night however much I try. Time to fill the inbetween bits with amusement as life just gets depressing and I’d rather not dwell on that part.

Stumbled across a site of a guy ranting about Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argue About and found it very amusing. Part of the amusement has definitely been recognition of both things that I have done or have tried hard not to do as well as recognising a few things that I have found annoying and then there is the ultimate fun of ‘people actually have arguments like those? how interesting’ moments.

I can be difficult to live with, particularly when I’m having a hard day. I’m demanding, wistful, argumentative, stubborn,  irrational, coldly logical, calculating, moody, easily annoyed, indecisive, too decisive, overly emotional, unemotional, mercurial. If there’s an extreme, I’m there.  And so I find a lot of the arguments rather familiar. It’s the classic stuff. I like my kiwi’s sliced differently than Chris slices them. I rarely touch the TV remote but are regularly accused of hiding them or blamed because I don’t help looking. We each have our own computer and so the only thing we argue about is when I log in his mage to do an enchant and customise his UI accidentally by running my addons on his account or he logs in my toon and steals all my Flasks of the Frost Wyrm, buff food and runic mana injectors.

I don’t mind that we have a room full of old gadgets and wires, that he spends an inordinate amount of time on his computer, that he raids for three hours whilst I’m lying on a cool bathroom floor upstairs, that he loves NCIS and makes me watch the same episode ten times (Firefly reruns I really don’t mind, this is a stretch) or that he uses a mirror to shave (what’s that about Margret?) He doesn’t mind that I wear his clothes, steal his side of the bed, hog the blankets, leave the shower on a rather cold setting (maybe he minds that a little at 5 am but I’m not awake for it), leave paperback novels strewn over the house, organize the fridge and changes the wallpaper on his work laptop to something a bit more feminine, like baby kittens. We get along better than most, even the arguments are usually intense but superficial and quickly forgotten. I do think he minds when we watch a horror movie and the scene shows a dark living room at night time and we’re waiting for something to pounce, I say ‘ooo, we used to have little red flowery cushions just like those. Whatever happened to them?’