Enter The Sheep

I always worry about my reaction times when raiding. I’m never quite sure if my reaction times are as awful as I think it is.

Enter sheep: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sleep/sheep/reaction_version5.swf

Using Chris as a control, I discovered a couple of things. My reaction times are not as bad as I think they are, but they’re not great either. Chris’ fastest reaction time: 0.000 (who knows how he pulled that off ). My fastest reaction time: 0.330 Chris’ average time: Just under 0.2 and my average just over 0.5. The interesting part: Chris improved with practice. Each time his score was a little lower and his reactions a little faster. I got worse with practice. Each round requires you to hit the button 5 times. I did okay on the first go. Had a couple of minutes’ break as Chris has three more go’s then tried again. Barely got the sheep tranquilised before they hit the edge of the screen. By the time I reached round 3 and click number 11, I couldn’t do it at all. That said, my reaction time remained less than a second, but my fingers were tired and the clicking was starting to hurt as joints were sliding. Breaks didn’t make a difference inbetween. It does help me understand why I can only do one jousting match a day, if that. Hmmm… Interesting.

Anybody else want to have a go? Love to see your results in the comments : )


6 thoughts on “Enter The Sheep

  1. Seems I had a trend of always ~0.22 first two hits then ~0.15 and ~0.22 on the last. All my tries were similar with no real changes except the occasional finger slip -cough-

    Sheep 1: 0.282
    Sheep 2: 0.223
    Sheep 3: 0.171
    Sheep 4: 0.165
    Sheep 5: 0.222
    Average: 0.2126

  2. /frown… >:-P

    Had a go, but was tired… results mediocre at best

    Sheep 1: 0.284
    Sheep 2: 0.216
    Sheep 3: 0.281
    Sheep 4: 0.277
    Sheep 5: 0.220
    Average: 0.2256

  3. Here’s my first try (after i figured out what to do :P)

    Sheep 1: 0.218
    Sheep 2: 0.328
    Sheep 3: 0.156
    Sheep 4: 0.219
    Sheep 5: 0.235

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