Word of the Day: Shiny

WoWScrnShot_052409_134642No headache day no. 1 And so the first thing I did on realizing the headache is pretty much guaranteed not to be back today:  a VH heroic pug (18 minute). And then Gundrak ( 20 minute run). And then Drak’Tharon Keep (17 minute run). Should’ve stopped an hour into playing, but as always when a PUG goes really well, I just didn’t have enough will power. When the mage stopped to drink after the first boss and said ‘you guys keep going’ and then didn’t reappear until after the last boss to say ‘sorry, g2g’ ,  I should’ve stopped, but 4-manning it was just so much fun.

I’m glad I hung around for UP. I’ve pretty much given up on achievements for the most part. I don’t mind helping other people get one that they want, I don’t mind accidentally stumbling on to them, but other than the achievements for the 310% flying mount, I can’t be bothered to care. It doesn’t make playing any more fun for me. It’s the unpredictable things that makes it fun. Like the tank saying afk 2min just as we activate the Gorok Palehoof encounter. No problem. Paladin’s can tank in DPS spec, right? And as expected, when the ‘afk 2 min’ became ‘sorry, g2g’, we pulled in someone else and it’s always nice when you run into someone that you know and like to play with. It’s reminded me how much I love playing. I forget that when I don’t play for a while.

Itemrack went a little screwy as we hit the trash before the last boss in Gundrak. I didn’t realize it at the time. It took me a second to notice that I only had 9K mana and a few seconds more to notice that I had almost no mana regen. I didn’t feel like wasting anybody’s time, the tank was chain pulling and we were taking less than 20 minutes per heroic, so I kept healing through trash whilst trying to figure out what happened. Then I noticed. I was in my mostly non-epic tanking gear. Chris thought this was hilarious. I thought it was a good lesson. He agreed. Lesson of the day, he said and I interjected ‘if you can heal a heroic, even though it’s just a few trash pulls, in tanking gear, the game really isn’t that intimidating.” Chris disagreed with “actually, I was thinking that the next time you have 9K mana, you’ll know why and can fix it instantly’. Both are good lessons.

My hands already hurt, but that’s okay. Sometimes, you have to stop doing the things you enjoy doing because they hurt, and sometimes, things are just going to hurt and you can’t always pay attention to it. Maybe I should take things slower, but if I move any slower I’d be standing still. The clock keeps ticking and there is no better, there is just now. I will always be pushing the boundaries. Balancing on the edge is just where life takes place and so that’s where I will be as often as possible. There are just too many days where I can’t do anything to spend time doing nothing on days where doing is difficult but doable. Today is a doable day and I plan to start walking. Not running, but most definitely no more standing still either.


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  1. My roommate is a druid tank/healer/dps’er and I healed him through a heroic last week and he did the same thing. He realized he’d been tanking in healing gear. I offered to tank while he healed me to see if we could do it in reverse. I play a priest so it didn’t happen. :)

    I really enjoy your writing. I like hearing about WoW from someone with a unique perspective but you’re also just a really good writer.

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