Lack of Lil

No Lil today and I’ve already put up most of the posts which she’d worked out for bad days, so an update and a cool link from me instead :)

Update : Went to the Gp’s as planned and had a not too bad doctors appointment – well not to bad from my point of view or from the point of view of the result, but I think Lil’d say it was a pretty awful trip out.   Is it odd that one of the things we looked for in moving here was being close to a decent GP surgery?  In conclusion, its an unusually long migraine (5 days so far) which is odd, but not quite unheard of.  Here take painkillers, go home, sleep and get through it :(

And the cool link from me?  Dropbox or here.  I use at least 4 different computers every day and I’m hoping this will finally let me cut down on all those USB drives I have to use (and lose).  I’ll let you know in a week or two!

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