Compromise is an imperfect art

Another headache day. Chris thinks its time to stop in at our friendly A&E. I think it can wait another day. Numbness, tingling, slurred speech, loss of consciousness, all just part of the headache. Worried about a stroke? Who me? Never.

The compromise  – get a third opinion. A medical opinion. Ring the GP surgery, go over my medical history and as it’s all happened before, medical opinion is that it’s probably just another migraine. Come in first thing in the morning and then we’ll talk. Oh goodie. Hate doctor’s appointments.

But at least it’s not today when moving hurts, lights hurt, sound hurt and the surgery seems like forever away and the thought of waiting rooms, crying sick toddlers and fluorescent lights make me cringe. Tomorrow’s worries that, not today. Today, I get to relax and unwind and sleep as much as I can. Not worried at all.


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