Rebirth and Wild Growth

I have not been raiding this week as pushing buttons was on most days not really an option.  Hanging out on balconies in Dalaran and on clifftops in Sholazaar basin and using WoW as a pretty version of msn or a dynamic screen saver is a gaming feature and I am learning to appreciate more, but when all is said and done, I play WoW because I like WoW. I find it useful to think about how I play when I can’t play. I look at articles like Raid Rx: 5 Factors to Consider for Rebirth and as its a weak spot for me, I also think about how much of these factors I can decide on beforehand. It was nicely reassuring that my strategy is pretty similar to the recommend decision making process:

  1. I decide before going on whether or not I will be using Rebirth at all if that decision is mine to make, sometimes its not.
  2. I make my little list of Druids who have rebirth available (thank you oRA2)
  3. I do know beforehand which encounters are healer dependent, which DPS dependent and which tank dependent so that I have the option to rez what I would hope would be the most valuable player based on sound decision making and not a panicked haphazard guess.
  4. Anticipate when the person receiving rebirth will accept. I play with sensible people who are generally pretty good at waiting for a good time to accept rather than just accepting the instant it is cast. That means I need to be sensible too in anticipating when they will accept so that (5) I can heal them up and buff in time.

I also spend a little time reviewing combat logs and looking at my spell rotation. I quite enjoy going over each spell and making sure I grasp fully exactly what it does. Nerf This Druid has an excellent post on just exactly how Wild Growth will work. I’m hoping to be raiding more and reading less in the coming week and that this week’s reading will take me a better tree.