Feral Druid Solo Adventures


I’m a resto druid by nature. I am content and happiest when raid healing as a tree. Soloing on the other hand, is a much less attractive prospect. I decided to give bear form a go. Tanking isn’t something I have ever done and I’m not sure it’s something I ever will do, but I have always been curious and reticent about trying it. Soloing as a bear for a little bit seemed like a good compromise. I  have the opportunity to see how I get on with it and as questing goes, it couldn’t be easier. It’s been a week and I am enjoying it enough that I have decided to keep it as an off-spec for the near foreseeable future (and 100g isn’t exactly breaking the bank when I feel the desire to DPS). I am working on improving my tanking gear and have started picking up more feral and tank oriented wisdom in the blogosphere, starting with Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your feral (bear) druid at 80 and Mmo-champion: A guide to Bear Tanking. I’ll always be a tree first, but there is a weird satisfaction in having the aggro tables turned.

One thought on “Feral Druid Solo Adventures

  1. You did not just say you were a resto druid by nature!
    I levelled Carianna feral, but with the combining of itemizations for spellpower and healing, I like to do dailies in caster form with boomkin trinkets.

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