Time out for the weekend translated into pottering about in WoW. I wowscrnshot_042609_140439dislocated my wrist very badly on Tuesday and the result is that for about 98% of the time, I have only been able to use my left hand to play. Raiding is out for a bit and as my left thumb dislocates every two minutes when I use it solely to control movement, so is doing anything in-game that doesn’t allow for plenty of unscheduled breaks. What do you do when you want to play but need to press as few buttons as possible?

Today: Noble Garden. Thankfully rng loved me. One hundred and seventy one eggs yielded all the chocolate I needed as well as an elegant dress, three black tuxedo pants, one white tuxedo shirt, seven blossoming branches, two bouquets of spring flowers and two spring rabbits. The rest was easy except for the female orc. Thanks to the kind lady orc who I found sitting in Dalaran just to be thrown with flowers by Alliance characters.

I am always struck by the dichotomy I see when each festival arrives. There are those who do there best to help other players out and then there are those that do their best to not help other players out. I noticed an orc rogue vanish in Dalaran on the bank steps and making an invisible run for it. I don’t particularly feel any animosity towards players that make my life in-game more difficult. I don’t personally see the point of trying to make life as difficult as possible for someone else, but I also like playing in a world where that option is available if you choose to take it. I also have a little admiration for the stubborn. The creators of noblegarden may be able to make us all run around as rabbits laying eggs, but they can’t make us willing participants, well, not all of us.