wowscrnshot_042209_1515402For everybody who has been finding their way here from Lisa’s interview at WoW Insider, thanks for stopping by. I don’t know about being an inspiration, you play the hand you were dealt and all, but I really appreciate all the kind thoughts.

In my opinion, it’s the people that choose to put up with all of this that are the real inspiration. It’s much harder to stay when there’s always the option to go. Chris is as always at the top of that list, but it’s not a list of one. I do play WoW for the game content, but I would have stopped playing a while ago if it wasn’t for the people.

Thanks for hanging out with me even when I get us all killed sometimes. If you play Alliance on Lightbringer EU, say hi and if you play Horde, stop attacking the tree in Wintergrasp.

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  1. I too found your blog from Wowinsider, and I find myself completely in awe of your strength. You may not truly realize how strong of a person you really are.

    Not only are you inspiring, but you are an absolutely wonderful writer. I read through your whole blog last night and have it bookmarked now. God speed lileya! I wish you only the best in and out of Azeroth.

  2. I found your blog through WoWInsider as well. I deal with benign hypermobility in my everyday life although not to the extent that you do. I understand the irritation and have often said that while I wasn’t given a royal flush its better then a pair of twos!

    I really don’t have anything else to say other then hello and happy WoWing!

    Sthis – Nazgrel US

  3. /wave

    Just read your interview, whats it like being famous? Hehe.
    Quote “The biggest challenge I face is not to let any of that translate into the game.” I have to say i have never noticed in any of our raids together and i watch my Recount alot lol.

    Keep up the good work and see you in Ulduar


  4. Even though WoW is “just a game”, I’m sure I speak for everyone who read your interview on WoWInsider – you really are an amazing person, and it’s really incredible that our shared love of WoW has given us a chance to get to know you a little. You are so strong, and I admire your determination (stubbornness is a misnomer!). I’m definitely a new fan of your’s. ^^

  5. I read your whole site and bookmarked it

    My daughter has Muscular Dystrophy and she has a lvl 4 warlock, she’s likes lvl 4 because she’s 4 too. She did ask me to make her a little stronger for her though so I lvl it a bit here and there.

    I work very hard to help her become intelligent, informed and capable. Reading your blog and the frank, intelligent and capable way with which you deal with the daily things gives me hope about how she may face her future. It also gives me hope that she will find a similar strength and even someone to share her life with.

    So for the small insight into dealing with daily physical issues that may help me be a better father.

    thank you

    jatar and pollypocket
    Eitrigg US

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