Collectivism, Bad Science, Eye-tracking Goggles, Ruminations and Herding Cats

There are different levels of sick and the lower levels do not lend themselves to constructive anything. I spent the day rather non-constructively trying to stop breaking things. I came to the conclusion that if I can just be very still and do absolutely nothing, except maybe breathe very slowly and gently, I may just make it through the day. I tried logging into Warcraft a few times, but playing requires moving and hearing and listening and talking and after three sentences, my speech recognition software no longer recognizes my voice, my head is both spinning and threatening to implode and I give up. I can spend quite a bit of my time in a zombie-lie fashion on the couch whilst watching episodes of The Unit or Lie to Me or some other actiony/crimy thing whilst throwing up and crying and feeling sorry for myself, but there comes a point in time where I can’t do the self-pitying depression routine any more. And so I start browsing through my google reader to discover:

Today’s readings of choice was the thing that got me through the day. It made me realize that the world doesn’t stop because I stop and that that’s okay, I shouldn’t want or need it to. And tomorrow may just be better. Also, it may be worse, so be thankful for the health you have today.