Empire of Man

On headache days there’s nothing more to do than listen to an audio book or occasionally actually read a book. The way I choose headache day books are different from just picking up a book that I would like to read. It has to be attention grabbing, riveting stuff. But it also has to be quite simple without being simplistic and not too dark but also not psychotropic hallucinogenic happy clappy.

The Empire of Man series fits the bill perfectly. So much so that I’m listening to it for the third time and don’t see myself ever stopping the repetition. It’s always a difficult decision to pull a well-known copy out as it always feels as if there are too many books and not enough time to enjoy them all. It has it all – action, romance, political drama, comedy, epic battles, adventure, drama. It took a few goes to get into it. I hated Prince Roger to start with. I didn’t like the first ten or so chapter at all. Until the Flarta arrived and then I was hooked. Prince Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chiang MacClintock has become one of my favourite characters. Scary how I know that off by heart.