N52te New Key Bindings


I am now only using two states, one standard and one shift and have put movement back on the mini-joystick. I am hoping this will make Malygos easier to negotiate and if worse comes to worse, having movement keys accessible with both left and right hand means that if I dislocate one side, there’s a back-up. In theory at least. This does mean that six keys have been changed and require extensive practicing in before the next raid night. Off to try the drake flying. I think it’s quite sad that I have a level 80 alt parked at Coldarra who now serves the sole purpose of a daily dragon flight. At least it’s not a bad life, possibly a little cold and I’m sure all that waiting is a bit tedious, but she gets to fly around on a dragon for a while, the day has its perks.

On a more practical note – if someone else, like me, are struggling to get the damn profile to load after you’ve saved it, there’s a simple solution. (Thank you, Chris). All you need to do is double click on the name of your profile (wowresto above) and it loads within a few seconds. Abracadabra sadly doesn’t work.