Toons and alts and cats

cat-playing-4Over the year and a bit I have played WoW, I have gone through stages of having fun leveling various alts. I have a level 80 rogue, a level 68 hunter, a level 58 DK, a level 44 paladin, level 35 mage, level 22 warlock, a level 13 shaman,  a level 10 warrior and now I have a level 7 priest. I enjoyed playing a rogue in battlegrounds, but that’s the extent of rogueish pleasure for me. I don’t have the slightest inclination to ever use her for anything other than fishing and farming meat and leather these days.

At the moment, my fascination is with all things healing. I’ve been resto specced for about 10 weeks now and it’s only starting to feel as if I know a little bit what I am doing. I opened up a level 1 Night Elf Priest recently just to see what it’s like. Running around Teldrasil and into Darnassus brought back a flood of memories. The first time I ventured into Darnassus it was raining. I love rain. I was hooked. The game has changed since then. It’s become more complicated and more involved. I get tired of WoW when I play too much, but taking a break, even a short mini-break, from dailies,  questing, auctions and heroic runs in particular, makes me want to play again. It also makes me realize that nothing in WoW is all important. It’s nice to progress, it’s nice to have gold, it’s nice to pull out my Kirin Tor pet just to make sure it’s still there, but none of it is as important as I sometimes think it is. If playing hurts, then I shouldn’t play. But if playing makes my life better and easier, which it does when I get the balance right, the game is working as intended.