Health And Healing Issues

I’ve not had the best of weeks, in fact, it’s been one of those weeks where one crisis is quickly superseded by the next. It tends to severely restrict how much I play warcraft and what I can do in game and so I’ve spent the week running through TBC heroics with the few people I can trust to not mind when I have to log out mid-instance or need copious one, two, five or twenty minute breaks. Health issues allow plenty of time to think about healing issues. I have not been happy with my healing over the last couple of weeks. In fact, I have been rather annoyed and disappointed by my personal performance.

I can accept that I make stupid mistakes, some health related and some not. I find the frustration of knowing what I have to do, but not being able to quite do it, intolerable. I don’t want to drop a 3-stack lifebloom roll, ever. Well, maybe when the new patch comes out and bar the rare exception until then, I want to roll it on multiple targets and keep it there. I want to move and instant cast. I don’t like that somewhere between my fingers and my brain information overload happens. I can stay alive between void zones and lava flames with two drakes up. I can keep HoTs perfectly on a single target, but not on two and that’s just not acceptable. It’s a simple and easy thing to do and I know that it’s something I can and should be doing. As a result, I’ve spent the day installing and configuring grid and tonight I am one happy druid.

I cannot express how much I have fallen in love with Grid. It does everything my little heart can desire in exactly the way I would like it done. I’ve spent a good proportion of my time in AV today testing it out and it was a very good feeling to not have issues keeping various HoTs up, including a 3-stack lifebloom on more than one target, whilst still moving and casting. Woot! It’s the small victories that some times makes the biggest difference. My healing is far from perfect, but one step at a time sounds pretty sweet after the week I’ve just lived through.