The life and times of…

I’m a healer and as such, a hunter is not one of the classes I ever aspired to play. I do have a level 68(?)hunter which was started with a family of alts when curiosity got the better of me. She leveled so easily that she became my diversion when I got tired of actually playing and just wanted to play at playing for a bit. I haven’t played her at all really, except for the occasional Dalaran cooking or jewelcrafting dialy, as actually playing has taken up all my time and playing at playing time has been taken up by not playing at all. Reading this article at WoWGrrl, I am reminded again what it was like leveling her. It captured perfectly exactly how I feel and have felt about hunter traps.

And that’s when it begins. At first the trapping is just for survival reasons – to control one of the many mobs in the battle and ensure the survival of ourselves and our pets, too, if possible.

But then we wonder – what would it look like if I trapped a little tiny spider?

Or a great big giraffe?

What about one of those big tree guys who wander around various zones?

Curiosity is a fabulous thing and the advantage of playing an on-line game, it doesn’t kill you, only your character, and if you’re as bad as I am at using feign death (or shadowmeld), your companions.