Never say, “oops.” Always say, “Ah, interesting.”

Friday night. First raid with New Guild on trial and it’s going… okay. The more nervous I feel the worse I play and 25-man Naxx with no healing assignments makes me very nervous indeed. Different guilds have slightly different tactics and being a little unsure of these, my HoTs tend to be just a tad slower than they should be. My basic strategy for healing with unfamiliar players is to hold back a little bit and see where the healing gaps are. Keep an eye on my xperl frame and see how many healers are healing the MT/OT and raid whilst trying to do a little bit of everything as I wait to discover what’s going on or someone starts handing out healing assignments.

It went reasonable but a little disappointing until Patchwerk where I finally relaxed as I just couldn’t see any way that I could screw up healing on Patchwerk. HoTs on all three tanks is not exactly rocket science. Imagine my surprise when about mid-way through I get a whisper ‘stop healing me’, which then becomes ‘STOP HEALING ME’. My reply ‘I’m not healing you”. Needless to say, I was wrong. I opened recount and moused over and what do you know, I healed the MT, the OT and someone else. Great, just great. Most embarrassing WoW moment? Definitely. Made worse when the raid leader whispers me to point it out and seconds later, the druid class leader/other raid leader, who isn’t even in the raid, also whisper me to the same effect. Panic mode set in a little bit. Xperl has been doing a couple of odd things – could screwy targeting be one of them? My healing spells are all mouseover macro’s and I spent the whole fight using the xperl tank frame to heal. Hang on a minute, I spent the whole time using mouseover spells. And then it hit me.

I respecced earlier that day. Well, not respecced, but tweaked my resto spec a little. Then I got called away from the computer, had to log out and logged back in a while later to be pulled into a heroic straight away. On clearing the trash, I discovered that half my spell bar was missing, so I asked for 30 seconds and just dragged and dropped spells from my spellbook into the open slots, thinking I would fix it later. As the macros use the same tooltip and icons as the non-macro spells, I didn’t notice that I hadn’t fixed it. When nervous, I select targets just to make very sure I’m healing the right person and so all went according to plan until my confidence went up at Patchwerk. I had someone targeted who wasn’t a tank and as I wasn’t being meticulous about clicking, spent a good while healing him by accident. As I wasn’t too bothered by who I actually targeted, I simply targeted a member of the raid occasionally to see the target’s target. Silly me indeed.

I initially felt truly awful for being this stupid and making such a Noob mistake. I panicked a little about making a very bad impression and panicked a little more about actually screwing up rather than simply appearing to screw up because I dislocated something. Then I started laughing and couldn’t stop. The patchwerk strategy employed was one where raid members jumped into the green goo to lower their health so that Hateful Strike does not decimate the DPS. It was kind of funny watching someone go  back and forth for most of the fight because I was healing them a little too well. In fact, suddenly the ‘STOP HEALING ME’ bit was hilarious.

It occured to me then that I had one of two options. I am going to make mistakes and some really big and stupid mistakes. No point denying it. I am inexperienced and far from perfect. I can either castigate myself endlessly or I can figure out what I did wrong, fix it and try to see the funny in it. I think I finally get what people mean when they say “it’s just a game”‘.