Nobody trips over mountains

Breathing problems have been the order of the day this week. Ribs aren’t suppose to dislocate, or so emergency docs always say, but when they do, breathing problems take on a whole new dimension and tend to help me get my priorities in order. I have been worrying quite a bit about performance. I want to play well, I want to do well, but I don’t want to sacrifice fun and enjoyment for it. At some point during the last week, I’ve started to worry about raiding rather than look forward to it. I used to love every minute of it, despite being nervous and a little scared over what may go wrong. Thinking about possibly raiding tonight or tomorrow night, I didn’t feel that way today. I felt pressured. I felt as if making a good impression was all important. I realize now that I was wrong.

It is just a game. And as much as I would like the people I play with to like me and like playing with me, and as much as I would like to like them and like playing with them, it’s just as much about the game mechanics as it is about the people. I love playing as part of a team, but I also just love playing. I love every boss fight and I love the lore behind it and I love to turn up the back-ground noise and fish in Grizzly Hills. I don’t want to loose that feeling somewhere along the way whilst staring at feet and health bars. I want to play because I fell in love with my night elf druid on day one and have enjoyed the learning experience every step of the way. I can raid now, yes, but I’m turning off recount until I’m finished for the night.


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