Glory of the Hero

Now that I’ve done all the heroics at least once, it’s time to move on to something a little more challenging. I love heroics, not sure why, I just do. My day is not complete until I’ve done at least one and fitting in three or four in an evening is an evening well spent. They’re pretty easy with the right group, quick and yet manage to grab and hold my attention. It’s a great opportunity to practice in my healing spell rotations as well as all the different skills needed for raid bosses. The additional achievements seemed daunting a month ago, but browsing through them this morning, I’ve realized that although some may be quite challenging, I don’t think any is unachievable.

Utgarde Keep

  • On the rocks: You can’t DPS your way out of Frost Tomb, so either leave the Frost Tomb player in it and heal through the 20 second DoT or use a Pvp Trinket. Mages can iceblock out and paladin’s can bubble.

The Nexus

  • Split Personality: DPS all three down simultaneously and then assign each DPS member a single target to take out. Careful of blizzard as the frost mage is invulnerable whilst casting it, so time the five seconds around her or spell interrupt it.
  • Chaos Theory: Simple DPS strategy. Don’t close the rifts and just burn Anomalus down as fast as possible, switching to the adds when he becomes invulnerable and then switching back.
  • Intense Cold: Don’t stand still for more than 4-5 seconds. A stack is added every 2 seconds, so the third will hit at 6 seconds. Stick to instant cast and short cast spells and keep moving. Both Crystal Chains and Crystallize are dispellable to remove the 10-second rooting effect.


  • Watch him die: Three basic strategies are popular. One: Off-tank kites the adds to the entrance whilst the group kills the boss. Two: Pull everything and kill everything as fast as possible whilst targeting the boss and hitting adds with AoE. Three: Healer jumps on a ledge, kites the adds up and then jumps down when they’re up and make them run round to buy time. Healer dropss aggro when they arrive and AoE it all down at the end. Expect most if not all of the party to die during. Here’s an example:
  • Hadronox Denied: There’s a couple of tricks that may reset the instance and I like the crashin-thrashin racer method. Use the racer to aggro the crusher, when the racer dies, the event resets and there’s about 30 seconds without adds to kill Hadronox.
  • Gotta Go!: Easy one. No strategy required.

Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom

  • The Party’s Over: Easy enough, just 4-man it.
  • Volazj’s Quick Demise: No strategy, just lots of DPS.
  • Respect Your Elders: Basic strategy is to split the guardian and adds from Nadox by moving Nadox down the stairs leading toward the next boss. Have a hunter or paladin cc/tank the adds and use the rest of the group to burn down the boss as quick as possible.
  • Volunteer Work: Very easy achievement. Just don’t kill any volunteers.

Drak’Tharon Keep

  • Consumption Junction: Either burn him down quickly or make sure you loose LoS every 15 seconds by jumping behind a pillar to avoid consume.
  • Better Off Dred: There’s seven raptors in the pen, so just have an off-tank pull them one at a time whilst the tank stays on Dred.
  • Oh Novos!: Just sit on the stairs and kill the adds as they come down it. They all aggro, so it really shouldn’t be hard. There’s no more adds once you engage the boss either.

The Violet Hold

  • Defenseless: Very easy achievement. Pick up all adds and don’t let any party members touch the crystals.
  • Lockdown: Another easy achievement as you just need to keep running VH until you have seen all the mini-bosses.
  • Dehydration: Have a dedicated crystal clicker. When the boss splits, click and lightning should do the trick.
  • A void dance!: The sentries have very low health, so keep all DPS on the boss, heal through or dispell the shroud of darkness and it shouldn’t be too hard.


  • What the eck?: Make sure everyone in the party is hit by eck’s frontal cone damage and that nobody removes it by doing silly things like ice block,divine shield or die.
  • Share the love: I like this strategy: Start with a tank, off-tank and healer. As soon as he transform, the off-tank taunts, the healer stays at maximum range and the tank should be the first to get impale. Tank taunts back and as the person with the highest threat never gets impaled, the hardest part is over. DPS joints the fight now. Keep going until everyone has been impaled once. Loosing LoS may or may not stop impale, we’ll see.
  • Less-rabi: The cast time of transformation decreases as Moorabi’s health lowers, so interrupting it becomes trickier and trickier. Bring as many spell interrupts as you can to the fight and try to kill him as fast as possible.
  • Snakes: Why’d it have to be snakes?: We had a mage kite the snakes and AoE them down. Really easily done.

Halls of Stone

  • Good grief: Need at least 2-2.2k DPS each with tank and healer of equivalent level. Stand near the storm of grief pools so that the whole part can  jump in toward the end of the 4 second cast of shock of sorrow to avoid the 6 second stun.
  • Brann Spankin’ New: Tank on the stairs and make sure no mobs get near the dwarf.
  • Abuse the ooze: Dps Sjonnir down the 50%, oozes will start to spawn, let the oozes turn into sludges, kill 5 and then finish the boss. Be aware that ooze will stop spawning at 25%, so hold back on damage whilst counting to five.

Halls of Lightning

  • Timely Death: Another DPS race.
  • Lightning Shock: Make sure you clear the platforms and engage him during patrol route after he’s already got the buff.
  • Shatter Resistent: Ignore the adds and full DPS on boss. Golems can’t be shattered until they have less than 1% health.

The Culling of Stratholme

  • The culling of time: Successfully complete a timed run. Missed it by about 15 seconds yesterday when we lost our hunter mid-instance, so can’t be that hard. Don’t wait for things to come to you and never stop to drink.
  • Zombiefest: There’s 85 zombies in the first part of the instance and 15 in the second. The first 85 will respawn until the second boss dies, at which point, no more respawn. Do the instance as normal up to the second boss. Drag him to the inn and take your time killing him so that all 85 zombies respawn. Move on to the third boss, then split the group with 1-2 players rounding up the 85 zombies whilst the rest of the group progress to catch the 15 in the next part of the instance. Remove any damage buff like thorns so that you don’t accidentally kill any zombies. The timer starts with first kill and they are very fragile.

Utgarde Pinacle

  • The Incredible Hulk: Get the hulk down to about 10% of its health, cc it and then pull it in when she does her Ritual of the Sword. It only does about 9K damage, so make sure the hulk has less health points than that. Leave the adds alive as killing them interrupt the ritual.
  • Lodi Dodi We Loves The Skadi: Start the gauntlet, loot 5 spears, then run back to previous room. Gauntlet and timer resets, buying you plenty of time to complete the achievement.
  • My Girl Loves To Skadi All The Time: Easy achievement. You need 5 spears to bring him down.
  • King’s Bane: Three possible strategies. One: If your DPS is high enough, he will never get around to casting bane, so it’s a DPS race. Two: Make sure no DoTs are up when bane is activated and at this point, deselect the boss as target and stop DPS as any damage will trigger bane. Once bane wears off, pick him up again. Rinse and repeat. Three: Identical to two, but as bane is a magic buff, instead of stopping DPS, dispel / spellsteal bane. Note that if you use spell steal, any damage to the mage will also trigger bane.

The Oculus

  • Experienced Drake Rider: Easy to do, but require three runs to use each drake.
  • Make it count: This achievement makes the CoS timed run look ridiculously easy. I would assume that a run against the clock has the same components – move as fast as possible, maximize dps, only clear the trash that aggro and will aggro during boss fights and minimize downtime.
  • Ruby Void and Emerald Void: The oculus is my least favourite instance and getting two achievements simultaneously appeals to me on a very deep level. I will be trying to get this by using five amber drakes.
  • Amber Void: Think I’ll go for three rubies and two emeralds.