Robes to match

t7-chest2Cleared heroic Naxx last night in just under three hours and got the green T7 chest piece to match the gloves. As for the rest of the T7 set, I’m not enthused about the leggings. The legguards of the boneyard has me pretty satisfied. I would gain 19 spirit and 42 crit, but loose 61 haste if I were to snatch them off a thadius kill. And if they arrive before the shoulders and helm, well, then I’d bean idiot not to grab them.

The T7 shoulders is possibly at the top of my wishlist and it seems quite fitting that they drop from Loatheb. It always feels as I’ve actually earned the loot when it drops from a fight that is healer dependent. I’ve grown rather fond of Loatheb and I think only Sapphiron clearly tops it on my favourites list. The Valorous Dreamwalker Headpeace looks really cool, but since I don’t show headgear, it will be nice to have, but I’m pretty sure that it’s going to take forever to get qas it is a highly coveted item. I enjoy piecing together my character’s gear, but it’s difficult to get very excited about it. I’m a small piece inside a big puzzle and although each piece matters, I care more about the puzzle than my little piece of it. Still, it’s a very pretty robe and I don’t mean in an aesthetic sense.